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Health and Wellness Coach

Muna has over eight years of experience helping individuals reclaim their health with nutrition, and natural supplements by guiding individuals through their own journey into their personal health. Whatever the struggle might be, Muna can help you discover the root cause and find ways to feel your best.

Muna Abu Awad

Bachelor’s of science in Nutrition and Dietetics
Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition
Certified Digestive Health Specialist
ACE Certified Health Coach
Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist

Services Provided

Health Coaching

Digestive challenges such as IBS, Crohn's, GERD, constipation/diarrhea, dysbiosis. High blood pressure, prediabetes and type II diabetes, emotional eating, weight loss. Assist you in creating lifelong healthy eating habits.

Two Week Detox

Includes step by step guide and recipe ideas. It is clinically formulated to help with proper phase one and two liver detox and healthy elimination of stored toxins. Which in turn can reduce inflammation and support healing in the body.

Add on: $100 2/30min follow up (remote) coaching sessions once per week during two week cleanse

Food Intolerance Testing

Lorisian Lab offers a comprehensive and reliable testing of all four strands of IgG (antibodies), which yields accurate results.

One On One Coaching

In-Person Coaching

If you prefer to meet in person we can use an office at Simply Aware (Richardson, Texas).

Remote Video Coaching via Hangouts

Video coaching is available to anyone in the world.

Good 'ol Telepone

If nothing else but a telephone, we can still coach together.